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If you’re dealing with sports injuries in Shreveport, OneChiro offers a very unique therapy that’s only available through OneChiro in this area. SoftWave therapy is typically a 10-minute treatment performed once a week for 6-8 weeks. SoftWave produces an unfocused shock wave which has the patented advantage of distributing maximum energy to a wide and deep area. This makes for reduced treatments and better outcomes.

Chiropractic treatment is a non-invasive, drug-free approach that helps athletes recover from sports injuries. It is an effective and safe method for sports therapy, and it can address various conditions that affect athletes. Chiropractic care focuses on detecting and correcting misalignments in the musculoskeletal system, as well as improving joint mobility, reducing inflammation, and accelerating the healing process. This way, athletes can enhance their performance and prevent future injuries.

Sports injuries can affect anyone involved in physical activity, from amateur athletes to professional sportspeople. Whether it is a sprain, strain or tear, the pain and discomfort can be challenging to manage. Chiropractic care can help athletes manage pain and improve their range of motion. The treatment involves a series of techniques, including soft tissue therapy, manual adjustments, and exercises, targeting specific areas of the body that require attention.

Chiropractic treatment is beneficial in sports injury rehabilitation because it aims to address the root cause of the injury rather than masking the symptoms. By understanding the underlying issue, chiropractors can create an individualized treatment plan to help the athlete get back to their optimal level of function. The treatment can also complement other medical approaches, such as physical therapy, to enhance the healing process. With chiropractic care, athletes can improve their overall health, reduce the risk of future injuries, and achieve their performance goals.


The high energetic acoustic waves initiate your body’s own healing response to injury, whether acute or chronic. Over the course of treatments dormant stem cells in the body are recruited to the area of injury to decrease pain and inflammation. We can use SoftWave Therapy to treat chronic pain anywhere in the body, acute injuries such as strains and fractures, tendinitis, and wounds/scars.

This Means

• Restoring pain-free activity without drugs
• Faster post-surgical recovery
• Turning back the clock on your joint(s) wear and tear

Success Rates

• More than 80% of patients report a 10-20% improvement after just one treatment.
• Final outcome depends on many factors, but most patients report a healing rate of 60-80%+ after a full course of treatment.
• Depending on your particular condition, you will likely be scheduled for 6-10+ treatment sessions.
• An average of 6-10 treatment sessions are needed to achieve targeted healing rate.


• Arthritis
• Sprains
• Muscle strains
• Tendonitis
• Orthopedic and sports injuries
• Back injuries
• Golf/Tennis elbow
• Knee pain
• Plantar fasciitis
• Shoulder impingement


• Active seniors wanting to improve or preserve pain free movement
• Adults or teens recovering from surgery or injury
• Athletes looking to enhance their strength and return to sport