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Increases blood supply

Modulates inflammation

Stimulates and regenerate tissue

Reduces acute and chronic pain

Gentle Chiropractic For Personal Injuries. Only at oneChiro.

A Gentle Adjustment

With 20+ years in the chiropractic profession and another 7 working as a massage therapist, Dr. O’Neal fully merged ‘THE GENTLE TOUCH’  into his chiropractic practice.

As a soft & quiet substitute for manual neck adjustments, Dr. O’Neal also offers a subtle option in place of manual adjustments. In addition,  if you’re experiencing mild to moderate bulging discs, ask about our spinal decompression therapy where you hold the remote and remain in control.

Whiplash is one of the most common auto injuries.

Whiplash entails damage to the soft tissues of the neck. Most people think whiplash only occurs during high speed or potentially fatal accidents. However, whiplash can occur from accidents as slow as 5 mph. The symptoms often present themselves a few days or even weeks after the injury. Unfortunately, waiting until the onset of symptoms to receive treatment can hamper the speed and rapidity of your recovery. Even if you experience no immediate symptoms, pain may creep in a few days or weeks after an accident. It’s best to schedule a diagnostic appointment with OneChiro immediately following an auto accident or other injury.

Chiropractic has been around more than 115 years

successfully treating millions of people.

Lumbar vertebrae animation4

The 3-D Human Vertebrae

The lumbar vertebrae are, in human anatomy, the five vertebrae between the rib cage and the pelvis. They are the largest segments of the vertebral column and are designated L1 to L5, starting at the top. The lumbar vertebrae help support the weight of the body, and permit movement. In humans, there are twelve thoracic vertebrae and they are intermediate in size between the cervical and lumbar vertebrae; they increase in size going towards the lumbar vertebrae, with the lower ones being a lot larger than the upper.

Wellness Starts With You



Along with normal chiropractic visits, Brain Tap has been instituted at our facility to help balance your brain, because regaining health is all about normalizing and maximizing brain function. We do this with adjustments and now supplement that with Brain Tap.


It begins with a clean label approach to product development. Modere made a conscious choice to eliminate unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients commonly found in conventional formulations. What’s left out is as important as what’s included.

Directly from our fanatics

Eddie O’Neal saved my life! He found a tumor on my neck that my other doctors had over looked. I am currently in remission from stage 3 papillary carcinoma and doing great. By the way, he fixed my back too! He is the best!

Beverly Bedsole

Mansfield, Louisiana, advertisement

I was terrified of Chiropractors until I met Dr O’Neal. He amazes me with his ability to find tight and sore muscles. Hetold us several years ago that if we would come for an adjustment once a month that he would keep us moving. At 65 and 66 years old we hiked the Grand Canyon from rim to rim last September. He as kept his word. I recommend Dr O’Neal to all of my friends.

Sharon Shetley

Mansfield, Louisiana, advertisement

Dr. O’Neal helped me with the neck pain and headaches that I was experiencing.

Bryanna Braswell

Shreveport, La. , advertisement

Dr. O’Neal has helped me tremendously with the migraine headaches that I was having.  He helped to identify the cause.  I was very impressed with his diagnostic skills.

Dusty Dumas, R.N.

Bossier City, La. , advertisement

Dr. O’Neal has got my back feeling great. No pills needed. I would recommend him to anybody. He has years of experience and is a very nice guy to boot.

Scott Booth

Shreveport, Louisiana, advertisement

Dr. O’Neal found and corrected an area in my back that was causing me a lot of pain and concern.  Now it feels great and I can do the things that I want to do.

Norman Cone

Shreveport, La. , advertisement

When I first started seeing Dr. Eddie I was in so much pain! He was fantastic and I felt years younger in just a few adjustments! Thank you Dr. Eddie!

Randee Monceaux, DVM

Benton, Louisiana, advertisement

Dr. O’Neal has worked wonders on my upper back and neck in the past. I am so excited to see that he has opened an office in Shreveport. If you are one who is nervous about the art of Chiropractics, please try Dr. O’Neal. He has a great skill and calming presence.

Kelly Roberson

Shreveport, Louisiana, advertisement

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