Macro and micro are probably not words that you are used to hearing when describing trauma related injuries but they are important to differentiate the types of injuries one may acquire.

Macro trauma consists of a sudden onset injury such as a slip and fall, blunt force injury, and most commonly, a motor vehicle accident.  These injuries are often acute with swelling, bruising, and possibly broken bones.  Micro trauma is associated with repetitive day in and day out injuries due to overuse of an area of the body on a daily basis.  In the past, micro trauma has been mainly associated with assembly line work.  Today, micro trauma is often associated with prolonged computer keyboard use, prolonged cell phone use, and poor posture.  For younger people, micro trauma is associated with gaming.

Either macro or micro trauma can lead to long term health issues.  Often both can be changed with chiropractic adjustment, rehab exercises, massage and muscle re-education, and specific stretches.  Chiropractic care helps to restore function to joints that have been impacted by macro trauma or micro trauma.

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